Multi-layer thermo-shrinkable bags, suitable for products such as fresh meat anda processed meat. Provides a high barrier to gases and moisture, excellent sealing properties, high shrink, gloss and transparency.



Multi-layer thermo- shrinkable bags, especially designed for bone in application due to their high abuse structure. Provides high barrier to gases and moisture and excellent seal properties.



Multi-layer thermo-shrinkable bags, developed for the large poultry market ( turkeys, chickens. ducks and pheasants). Its structure features exceptional sealing, shrinkage, gloss and transparency properties.



Multi-layer thermo-shrinkable bags, designed for the cheese market such as mozzarella, provolone, parmesan and other aged cheeses. Provides a high barrier to gases, moisture and exceptional sealing properties, high shrink, gloss and transparency.











Easy Open

Top film for the packaging system with easy open. Laminated film with high or medium oxygen barrier with easy open property, developed for the market of sliced processed meat.


Adhesive Films

Heat activated adhesive films for bonding various substrates

Adhesive films

Release Films

Release films

Sealant Webs

Polyethylene heat seal and food contact layer for coextruded or laminated structures.
Market: Bread Bags, Tortilla Bags, Gel pack, Shredded Cheese.

Sealant webs

Shrink Film

The best possible protection during transport and storage due to its unmatched mechanical characteristics. This film have high performance, using less material per package than any comparable film. Its excellent transparency and high brightness also offers a difference when exposing any product.

Industrial applications


Inovative product, available in conventional manual, pre-stretch manual and automatic version. It doesn´t use a cardboard tube, which had been replaced by a reusable applicator. Eco stretch contributes to the reduction of waste and consequewntly improves the environment.

Industrial applications

Automatic Stretch Film – SAN / SAP / SAU

• SAN: For application in turntables with suggested stretch of up to 240%.

• SAP: For application in turntables and low-rotation orbital platforms (25 rpm maximum) with suggested stretch of up to 300%

• SAU: For application in medium and high rotation orbital machines (45 rpm maximum) with suggested stretch of up to 320%.

Industrial applications

Custom Stretch Films: color, UVI & VCI

White, black, emerald green and reflex blue tint films ultraviolet inhibitor films with 6 month or 12 month protection VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) stretch film used for wrapping ferrousandnon, ferrous metals where oxidation is a concern.

aplicacoes-industriais supermercados

Conventional Stretch Film

Offer a clear and bright appearance with rigidity, excellent cling and tensile strength, elongation, combined with exptional puncture and tear resistance. Designed to handle any type of cargo, both regular and irregular. We offer blown films for high cling demand, cold roomand dusty environment wrapping applications.

Industrial applications


Vallock 80: 47 gauge film replaces conventional 80 gauge film.
Vallock 100: 55 gauge film replaces conventional 100 gauge films
Available in 15” & 17.7” weigths/ Locks tight with minimal pre-stretching/ Superior cling/ Extremely strong resistance with minimal tear propagation/ Excellent load retention.
Ideal film for the E-Zback.

Industrial applications

Ventil Stretch

This film should be used to pack products that benefit from increased ventilation, because the large holes increase the air circulation.

Industrial applications

Stretch Hood

New technology for wrapping palletized loads quickly, safely and suatainably, with waterproof hoods and excellent elastic memory, mechanical resistenace, shaping up easily to the product to be packed.

Industrial applications