About us

CPR was founded in 2000, with headquarters in Xerém, Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Specialized in the manufacture of PET Resin PCR (Post - Consumer Recycled Resin).
It has the largest automated line of RECYCLING PET bottles in Brazil, with a processing capacity of approximately 100 million bottles per month.
Using BTB - Bottle to Bottle recycling technology, it was the first Brazilian company to have its product "PET Resin PCR (Post - Consumer Recycled Resin) registered by ANVISA (The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency) thus being approved for food contact.

In 2005 Torrepet was founded, a recycling unit of the Valgroup in Spain, which quickly gained a high profile in the recycling area, both in Spain and in other European countries.
It is a company that has the approval of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and its mission is to recover and recycle as many PET bottles as possible, always emphasizing technological innovation and respect for customers and partners.

In 2009, CPR Mexico was inaugurated in Celaya, Guanajuato, also working on the recycling of PET bottles and the production of Recycled PET Resin.
It is a company that seeks excellence in the production of recycled resins and total customer satisfaction. It acts according to its values, complying with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements; allied to technological trends, is highly competitive in both the domestic and international markets.

Principles and Values:

• Preserve the environment, not allowing operations that might cause environmental damages during the execution of CPR processes.

• Reduce production losses of processes and abolish waste of any kind, whether natural or financial resources.

• Comply with principles of good practices for food manufacturing and safety.

• Work to achieve all goals and develop daily activities with quality and attention, avoiding operational failures, quality flaws and rework.

• Develop conscious and qualified teams, thus transforming CPR environments into awareness-raising sites for quality, food safety and sustainability.

• Respect its clients, suppliers and collaborators work partners, acting with transparency in internal and external relations guaranteeing the recognition of an ethical and integral environment for the work

• Contribute directly to environmental improvement, recycling and valuing PET waste, being a key player in closing the circle of a circular economy as opposed to the linear produce-use-throw economy

• Develop your activity in a fully sustainable environment with respect to the environment and people who interact with our company assuming the social responsibility that our activity demands of us.


CPR is committed to continually improving its processes, ensuring that they are sustainable and comply with the current laws and regulations of the organization.
Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction as well as meet their requirements, and to effectively communicate to internal employees the quality and safety aspects of food that apply to our products, creating an environment of awareness and care for our products.

CPR is ISO 9001 certified.