PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate is one of the most used plastics currently in the packaging of several segments. In addition to its many qualities, it enables the acquisition of the product by the final consumer in a safe, practical and accessible way. PET as a disposable packaging, has raised concerns with the inappropriate disposal in nature, considering that there are still many steps to be taken by the population and public authorities to fully attend to environmental policies. Considering this fact, for more than 20 years CPR has offered recycling as a solution for PET packaging, contributing to the preservation of natural resources and increasing landfills operating life, stimulating the economy, valuing disposable packaging and thus generating thousands of employment in a previously informal market.

By choosing to use PET recycled resin in the packaging, we avoid the exploitation of natural resources and contribute to the PET recovery, thus minimizing its early and unnecessary disposal in nature.

Environment will always be grateful!