ValGroup is like no other employer in the sector. We are committed to hiring top talent from a broad range of backgrounds. This forward-thinking approach, which values hardworking team players with an entrepreneurial mindset who can work collaboratively in a diverse and inclusive work environment, enables ValGroup to create groundbreaking sustainable packaging solutions. Our people are intellectually curious and inspire clients to believe they can do things differently, putting sustainable innovation at ValGroup’s core.

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"During four years in Injecap, I grew professionally in the company as I faced new challenges which enable me to experience new areas of activity.
I took the opportunities they offered me, breaking out of my comfort zone, which led me to new spaces. In Injecap I have the opportunity to gather important challenges for my professional career, joining the implementation of new projects and developments. Being part of the Injecap team makes me feel grateful, I understand that our team strengthens our success and represents our most important asset for the generation of value to our clients."  Drielly Valdez