Lorenpet launched in 2018 the 20-L PET cylinder; besides the design that facilitates palletization and handling, its major advantage is in weight reduction, with 453 g, which reaches up to 56% lighter when compared with HDPE cylinders of the same volume.

This weight difference brings numerous advantages, from reduction of possible plastic residues to be discarded, such as the decrease of weight for transport, whether of the empty cylinder or of the already filled final product. Besides the fact that it is 100% recyclable.

The 20-L PET cylinder, aside from the size, also brings all the benefits of PET bottles, among the main benefits are:

– Transparent, they allow for visualization of the product that will be consumed;

– They have efficient closure systems;

– The versatile productive system allows for variety of shapes, with low investment in the value of the mold;

– They do not break in the production line;

– They have excellent chemical resistance, allowing for the filling of the most varied products;

– Resistance allows it to load much more product than packaging – PET bottles have the best weight / content ratio in the market;

– They are inert and do not generate lard in landfills, which preserves groundwater and rivers;

– Because they are light, they use the least amount of raw material in their manufacture, while economizing a lot of fuel and preventing emission of greenhouse gases.