The ValGroup has a solid track record of investing in innovative recycling technologies such as our Solvent Recycling Plant, which is able to recycle virtually all solvent that is used at Tecnoval’s plant in Lorena. It not only reduces our carbon footprint significantly but also protects the atmosphere and the environment securing clean air for future generations.
Moreover, in line with our sustainability goals, a significant percentage of the Group’s purchased power comes from renewable sources. Additionally, ValGroup is also investing in renewable energy projects such as wind turbines in the US and hydroelectric power stations in Brazil which would help us increase the share of renewable energy in the company energy mix fast-tracking the journey towards a sustainable world.



The Dona Emilia Project’s vision is that every child should grow up in a structured, safe and nurturing environment which allows all children to reach their full potential. To that end, the Project Dona Emilia searches for children in need in vulnerable communities and offer them a safe environment where they have access to quality education which includes edifying activities such as reading, writing, storytelling, history, arts, sports and so on.


The Semear Social Project aims to offer to young adults aged 18-24 courses and professional training for personal development helping them achieve their full potential. Since its inception, 73 out of 199 students have joined the Group.


Founded in 1997, the project is led by former soccer player and collaborator of VALGROUP, Juracy de Siqueira. The school started with just 5 students, enough for a futsal team, and after many friendlies and championships played in neighboring cities, was making the blue and white colors, well known in the region. Currently, there are about 220 students, between 4 and 14 years old, who find in sport a source of leisure, discipline and hope.


ValGroup also supports, through public policies and tax incentives for healthcare and cultural projects, many other projects that strongly promote cultural development as well as social inclusion, and significantly improve the quality of the national health system.





Projeto Guri

Virada Sustentável
Arquearia Indígena
Hospital do Amor
Instituto Olga Kos