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The key to our company’s success is and has always been our people. We are always looking for new talents and we take seriously the responsibility of helping to train good professionals. Therefore, leadership and personal responsibility are fundamental criteria in the selection process for our vacancies.

    "For 26 years as part of Valgroup, I feel free to say how this trajectory had been, has been and is important and enriching to my professional career and my personal development.
    I started my work at Lorenpet since its foundation and I had the opportunity of accompanying the Group's growth, with the opening of new companies and operation in new segments, witnessing its name becoming increasingly stronger in the market, regardless of the difficult times through which our country's economy has gone through all these years. This only reinforces my respect and admiration for the capacity and long-term vision of the Geromini family, always respecting its employees without discrimination, providing all possibilities of professional and professional growth.
    My thanks and gratitude to my mentors and to my co-workers who have been part of my trajectory, which certainly will always be a very significant part of my life history." Luciane Camargo