Process in which the injection and the blow are realized in the same equipment, allowing to work with different types of weights, shapes and nozzles, according to the necessity of the client.
Models: Customized formats from 15ml to 3L;
Applications: Food, Personal Care, Home Care, Beverages and Industrial Applications.

Application: Integrated blowing


Process that uses preforms of market for the manufacture of packaging. Starting from the defined weights and nozzles, it allows for a large number of shapes (package design).
Models: Customized formats from 250ml to 20L.

Application: Conventional blowing


Proceso de extrusión y soplado en PE.

Modelos: botellas 20L;
Aplicaciones: Agroquímicos y Aplicaciones Industriales.

Application: PE Blowing


Lorenpet además de los envases personalizados para sus clientes tiene embalajes estándar que pueden comercializarse en el mercado, son:
• Frasco para Salsa 375ml (finalizador PCO 1881 28mm);
• Frasco Cilíndrico Multiuso 500ml (finalizador PCO 1881 28mm);
• Frasco Cilíndrico Multiuso 1L (finalizador PCO 1881 28mm);
• Frasco para bebidas 400 ml (final 38mm);
• Bombona PET 20L (acabado 72mm).

Application: Standard Packaging