Nevertheless, in the scenario we are currently going through, packaging has also become a point of attention. Contamination agents for numerous undesirable microorganisms, including the coronavirus, may be present, and given the new normal that begins to be drawn, everything indicates that this will be a point of constant care.

With that in mind, Valgroup asked itself: What if we transformed plastic so that it could become an ally and a form of protection in light of so many invisible threats? The answer to that question is DeepDefense®.

With a pioneering approach, Valgroup once again transforms the way we view plastic. Now, plastic packaging not only transports and serves as a means of interaction, but also protects everyone involved in the logistics chain, that is, all those who come into contact with the packaging, from the industry to the consumer’s hands.

Designed for safe use in various types of plastic packaging, DeepDefense® provides plastic with new properties that change its structure and make it capable of eliminating many of the microscopic threats that may put us at risk. Thanks to an additive that is integrated with the plastic molecules themselves, the virucidal action of DeepDefense® is able to eliminate the coronavirus and others, in up to 10 minutes.

Finally, DeepDefense® has scientific support, and its effectiveness as a virucidal agent has been tested with the same coronavirus group that contaminates humans, unlike other products that have been tested only with strains of the virus that contaminate animals.

The exclusive and pioneering DeepDefense® technology is now available in various Valgroup product lines. To learn more or to access to the scientific report, please send an email to