We protect the environment through our technology

Our unique flexible packaging solutions include groundbreaking sustainable products with enhanced biodegradability, recycled content, and renewable feedstock, which were developed to fulfill our commitment to protect the environment through technology.

The Valfilm Sustainable Innovation Platform aims to support the development of a robust circular economy in which plastic never becomes waste. Our world-class experts use the most advanced technologies worldwide to develop environmentally friendly flexible packaging solutions with enhanced biodegradability, recycled content, and renewable feedstock, which can be recognized by our exclusive certification labels: Bio-V, Re-V Cycle, and V-Green.

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BIO-V | Enhanced biodegradability

Valfilm leads the way in sustainable innovation and unveils an unprecedented product line in Brazil with enhanced biodegradability that releases no microparticles into the environment. ASTM D 5511 testing indicates that microorganisms will breakdown Bio-V into harmless compounds that will safely return to nature.

How BIO-V works?

Sustainability Cycle with Bio-V

ASTM D 5511 test results indicate that Bio-V will be fully broken-down by microorganisms within 3 years.

All products of our VALFILM Sustainable Innovation platform are economically viable and in line with the most modern and efficient environmental protection mechanisms.

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