Approximately 20 years ago, Valfilm-Am, identifying an opportunity for improvement, verticalized the production of some inputs and began to consume its own carbonate compound, white master, and later additives.
In this period, counting on the strategic partnership of ValGroup's internal units, we seek to improve our production and the application of our products.
By 2015, our production unit has become a business unit. By visualizing the technical capacity of the products and the market potential, we started to market our solutions to customers through the Valmasterb brand.


Deliver solution in masterbatch, generating value for the production chain.


Be leader in masterbatch in the Brazilian market in 5 years, and leader of Latin America within 10 years.

We are based on the following principles and values:

• Respect in relationships

• Trust with partners

• Tradition and competence along its trajectory

• Commitment across the chain

• Sustainability

• Confidence


Partnerships with world renowned suppliers and commitment to our clients strengthen our relationships. High-tech equipment in favor of the environment.
Knowledge and quality providing solutions in masterbatch.

Our quality certificates.